About us

About us

Christ Inspired Dynamic Gospel Band (CIDGB)


CIDGB has its head quarter in London, UK with branches in the following countries:


  • Seira Leon (Freetown and Kenema in the provincial districts)
  • East Africa: Uganda
  • Caribbean: Guyana, George Town.


The Band is founded by brother Prince Coker based in the UK.


CIDGB has three arms, namely:

  • Music
  • Humanitarian
  • Evangelism


The main aim of the band is to:


  • Promote the Gospel of Christ through music.
  • Work with and develop young people to help them fulfill their dreams, and also to promote young talent. We will create opportunities for their growth and spiritual development through mentoring, teaching and advising.
  • We aim to deliver Christian Gospel Music workshops for people. This will help them channel their energies into music and develop new interaction and life skills.
  • We also aim to develop musical talent via voice coaching, singing lessons and events.
  • We aim to create a series of programs and concerts to help, bless and empower people in their community.