Prince Coker

Founder Bro Prince Coker.


A young brother in Christ who started his journey of Christianity in the Church.

He was a youth leader to the local and international at the New Zion A.M.C Church in Young Peoples Department (Y.P.D)

He loves music and the things of God.

He decided to form the CIDGB in July 2015 after visiting the Caribbean (Barbados) on a Methodist mission trip of the young adult group of the Walworth Methodist Church. Since then Bro Prince Coker has been working very hard and now extended the band internationally to countries around the world like West Africa (Sierra Leon), East Africa(Uganda), and the Caribbean(Guyana).

There are three arms namely Music, Humanitarian and Evangelism.

He seeks to bring the gospel of Christ to the nation through these arms.

He is a drummer and a versatile individual who is down to earth and helping the less fortunate.